Meet The Masters Event July 2020

Sure, they are not the only group to sail through. But these are not the wall street billionaires or Facebook executives. They are not the ones who happened to buy ZOOM stock the right time. They are everyday middle-class professionals and business owners just like you. 

Do you want to know how they figured out where to invest? Do you want to know how they chose the most consistently profitable properties? Do you want to learn? Do you want to join their ranks? 

If so, then come learn about the major wealth transfer just starting. You can position yourself right in the middle of it. 

Come learn about the biggest demographic shift in three generations…and what you can do to get ahead of it. 

Come learn about what civil unrest means for the future of real estate values…and where you can invest with the low risk and high cashflow. 

Are you ready? Your success depends on a 2020 vision. And we’re going to give you the glasses you need to see clearly. 

You have a once in a decade opportunity to take advantage of uncertainty and find extraordinary value right now. 

At Meet the Masters, our premier conference, you will meet your guide. 

Our 22nd annual conference is all virtual. You will get the benefit of getting access to all our programs and opportunities. No having to choose which speaker to hear. No having to miss one local market specialist because you had another meeting. 

You get all the access all the time, along with opportunities to chat with Jason, our investment counselors, our speakers, and our top local market specialists.

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