How to earn a passive income from Mediavine

With bloggers looking to diversify their income, and of course, make more money, Mediavine has been mentioned a lot recently. I have now been working with them for a few years and I haven”t looked back since. In this blog post I want to share my experiences with earning a passive income with Mediavine, as well as everything you need to know about joining them.

passive income with Mediavine

Who are Mediavine?

Mediavine are a full service ad management company for content creators.

What does this mean?

The display adverts that you see on my blog are provided by Mediavine. After applying and setting it up once, they deal with everything and pay me once a month.

However, they offer more than this! They truly put bloggers and their content first, with a supportive Facebook group, their willingness to evolve and the very nice rates they pay.

What are display adverts?

Display advertising is one of the money ways that bloggers make money.

They are adverts that incorporate images and texts on a specific page, as well as video, audio and animations.

Content creators, many of them who are bloggers like myself, rely on display advertising to generate an income.

Adverts create a passive income

I will be the first to admit that having adverts on a blog can sometimes take away from the readers’ enjoyment, however, they can also create a great passive income.

A passive income is where you earn money without having to exchange your time.

For instance, your blog can be earning money from adverts whilst you sleep – making it a passive income.

Is it worth joining Mediavine?

Everyone’s experiences will be different, based on their blog’s content, page views, impressions and so much more.

However, I am now earning more per day from Mediavine than I would earn in an entire month with Google Adsense.

During that time my blog traffic has hovered around the same mark, give or take 15,000 page views per month.

Other bloggers I have spoken to are matching their full time job’s income from Mediavine adverts.

Mediavine have been fundamental in helping my business to earn over £100,000 in 2018 and I wouldn’t be without them. 

In one short word: yes! It is worth joining Mediavine if you are a blogger.

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How to join Mediavine

Mediavine have some requirements when it comes to applying to their network.

The main one is that you need to be receiving 50,000 sessions per month (not to be confused with page views).

Screenshot from Google Analytics showing sessions compared to users and page views

Once you have had one month where you have received at least 50,000 sessions (according to Google Analytics) you can go ahead and apply for Mediavine here.

In a recent change, your second website also needs to hit 50,000 sessions to be accepted on to Mediavine. 

Other cool Mediavine benefits

Mediavine have some really cool features and benefits that you might want to make use of.

They have an active Facebook group that you can join once you have been accepted into their network. This group has bloggers from different niches, often helping each other out and sharing each other’s content.

Another great advantage is that you can turn off adverts in certain blog posts. I have decided to turn off in-content adverts on my sponsored posts to make it a better experience for any brands wanting to work with me. This is really easy to do.

Another great benefit is the Mediavine annual bonus. You start off with 1% of your earnings for the first year, and this increases by 1% every year. This is a completely free bonus to reward you for using Mediavine.

Mediavine also want you to earn more money, so they will give you lots of advise for optimising your blog and content to get the most money.

How to increase your sessions to apply for Mediavine

In order to apply to Mediavine you need 50,000 sessions per month. 

We know what page views are, but what are sessions?

Google Analytics defines a session as a group of interactions that one user takes on your blog within 30 minutes. For instance, if someone comes onto your blog and visits a few pages, everything they do within those 30 minutes counts as one session.

By increasing your page views, your sessions should increase too.

Wondering how to increase your page views?

Check out 10 ways to get more traffic to your blog.

I don’t have 50,000 sessions, are there alternatives to Mediavine?

If you aren’t at 50,000 sessions yet but you are working towards it then you might want to consider alternatives to Mediavine in the mean time.

The first alternative is to simply not place any adverts on your blog. As I mentioned, I now make more per day with Mediavine than I received in an entire month with Google Adsense, so you might want to consider waiting until you have reached the Mediavine threshold.

However, if you want to start earning some advertising revenue and get your audience use to seeing adverts on your blog, you might want to consider using Google Adsense alongside You can also get yourself a 3 month bonus with by clicking through here.

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